• 6 week courses
  • 30 & 90 Day Programs (Like; “Reclaim Your Mojo & Own It for Good!”)
  • VIP 1 on 1 Coaching Packages

Each month, there are a limited number of complimentary discovery sessions available.  Email your request for one of these valuable spots to hone in on your specific needs.  In that half hour, you will get some useful tools to take with you immediately.

Private Coaching Options

Customary Coaching: 
Customary Coaching is as described throughout this site.  With it you can expect time that is focused squarely on you.  Often people will determine something specific they want to accomplish within the first couple sessions (or even come with this known) and we work towards that.   Other times, people seek the coaches corroboration to become clear on what they seek.  Then powerful customary support is provided to reach that goal.  You always decide the agenda.  Typically each month includes 3 weekly sessions, then taking the 4th week “off”. –  Includes unlimited email support. – The Customary Coaching Sessions are 60 minutes long.

Deep Coaching:
Deep Coaching is a form of “blended coaching”.  It differs from Customary Coaching in that suggestions are offered;  some applicable concepts, perspective shifts, pointing possible direction or even requested advice; ideas to chew on that have worked well before.  It is a different form of support in that it offers the coaches inclinations and requires temporary movement from a coaching role to one of advising.  Less time is given for the advising portion as you are creative, resourceful & whole thus the best answers (for you) already lie within you (the coaches role illuminates this).  You are invited to ask any questions by emailing or booking a 15 minute Laser Call.   With this additional acuity we examine your underlying beliefs with added  insight & challenge them more heavily.  Deep Coaching also provides unlimited email support and is offered as either 60 or 90 minute sessions.

“On Call” Service:
On Call Service is an add-on to any package that has been paid in full.  With On Call Service added, the coach expects to be flexible and available should you need to speak outside of sessions:  for reminders on things discussed, sharing when you rather not wait, clarification, to help with re-focusing & so on.  On Call is exclusive service with limited availability.

All questions are welcome.  Email or book a Laser Call. Ask about current programs too!


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