— “Being the father I wanted to be stayed on the periphery. With five children between 18 & 4 years old, I wish I knew you 19 years ago. Their lives have drastically changed for the better due to the efforts born out of partnering up with you.”  — Michael Littlefield, Somerville, MA
“Sarah helps men through significant life changes.  Not only does she help them thru it, she helps them to see and to become their true authentic self and be comfortable with who they are.  I am one of those men.   Sarah helped me come out the other side of my struggle being my very best, better and happier than I was before our coaching – a better dad, a better leader, a better friend, just better… She helps men find true happiness in normal day-to-day living and to not take for granted just how beautiful life is and how fortunate they are to be a man.  Helping transform men from living a life of reaction to a life full of intentional direction towards their hopes and dreams.”  ~ K. Wright (Western USA)

 — “Sarah helped me to pick up and move forward. Having just gone through a big relationship change I lacked focus and motivation. I was overwhelmed with all the problems. She started out with small short term daily goals that built back my confidence. She helped me to identify self-generated anxiety and own it. My mindset changed when my confidence improved. I remembered I had gone through hard times before and came out the better. I remembered past successes and gradually put a stop to rehashing the previous relationship. After learning all the details of my situation she picked out the positive held it up in a mirror and reminded me of all the good. More than a “you can do it talk” she helped me to see the good in myself and the positive road ahead.”  – David Baez, Seminole Heights, FL

— “Working with Sarah gave me the foundation to heal myself.  I started to create a meal that would cook itself and then I could finally just do something.  She added a fun factor that put me in it to win it.  Having her in my corner consistently, like an accountability partner, my daily purpose got clearer until getting out of bed in the morning went from the hardest thing to do to anxiety free.  It was a smart investment in myself, especially because now my family is happier too.  It was tough on everyone during that time.  I think I would not have gotten so far without Sarah’s support.  She is professional and knowledgeable.  I now have tools for life.  She assisted in bringing me back 110%!  Not to mention my tennis partners are glad to have me living again.”    – – Robert M.  Gloucester, MA              

 — “With Sarah as my coach I have experienced a greater awareness of my daily habits, a refined view of the goals I want to accomplish. I also gained a great deal of personal insight and growth as a result of our coaching sessions.Sarah brings a breath of fresh air to the journey of self improvement. Coaching sessions with Sarah have helped me reach new levels of confidence and skill, including the chance to gain clarity about what I want, why I want it, and how I can get it.  I can honestly say that during our one hour sessions, Sarah dedicated 100% of the time to helping me achieve my objectives.  She supported me, celebrated successes with me, and helped motivate me along the way toward my chosen goal.”    – Vickie E.    Longview, TX

Sarah Rose is an exceptional life coach for men that find themselves wanting more out of life, but not knowing how to get it, or perhaps not even knowing what it really is that they are looking for.  She is very effective in cutting through the noise in your head and getting you to clearly focus on your core values, goals and desires.  Working with you to establish good habits, focus and take action, progress comes quickly.  By holding you accountable for achieving your goals and being your personal cheerleader, Sarah will lead you to the life of happiness and fulfillment you didn’t know how to find on your own. ~ Christopher P.  Texas

—   “I decided to work with Sarah at a very chaotic time in my life – forced change, uncertainty and bad news coming from many different directions all at once.  I decided I wanted the help of a coach to work through it all and I picked Sarah.  I wanted help navigating my situation, staying grounded, sorting out my way forward and staying committed to my actions week by week.  She is a skilled coach and has done an excellent job in general and has excelled in three specific areas: 1. Hearing, understanding and sorting lots of information at once and helping me form it into action steps.  2. Asking the right questions to get me thinking.  3. Handling highly personal and sensitive information that I feel shy about sharing.  

                          Sarah does an excellent job of capturing all the data and information I throw at her.  She receives, holds it and sees right into the most important kernels.  I feel sometimes scattered as I tell my stories and Sarah asks the right questions in the right way to help me crystalize my thinking.  At times she will ask a powerful question that makes me stop, think and see myself in a different way.  These in particular are the moments that really help me see my way forward.  I knew that if I was going to work with a coach I wanted to be totally open about all that was happening for me so I could get the most out of the experience.  I took the risk and told it all and Sarah was professional, empathetic and ensured confidentiality. 

I took some time to decide if I wanted to engage a coach and I am so happy I finally did and that I choose Sarah! Actually wish I hadn’t waited so long.”      – Leann F.    San Diego, California

“Creating a life of personal significance in
agreement with your
Truth is the best position to act from.”
– Sarah Rose (me!)
And it is does not have to be hard work.  Laughter becomes a medicine of the method.  A paradigm shift, the real treasure.
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