About Sarah Rose


About Freedom Expert, Sarah Rose:

Sarah has had a full life & says she finds it more fulfilling, more rewarding, more beautiful every day.  That is pretty amazing since we all have areas to improve & experience.  No end.

She specializes in helping her clients experience more joy and meaning.  While understanding that connecting with our higher self & allowing Spirit to guide this process, she also knows this is a deeply personal, sometimes unconscious, often private, place within an individual.  For this reason, when speaking with her, you should inquire on the topic if it is important to you.  She respects all boundaries.

Sarah had a couple transitions in her life.  Some by choice, some not.  These resulted in growth beyond anything she could have imagine.  She now lives feeling unshakable peace & often in joy everyday.  But this was not first without confusion, pain, inner engineering, reflection & honest dedication.

Through her own work, study, training & coaching, she is highly skilled with tools, intuition & drive to “make it happen for you”.  Coaching methodology has proven that you already have the solutions that will work for you so she will help you harness them for your personal benefit.

Born in Florida & currently living there.  She’s also lived in Belize, outside of Chicago & Boston.  When Sarah still a teen, her son was born.  While young and alone, she learned it is indeed true, “everything happens for a reason”.  Besides her son, her mother and brother are her closest family.  Her mother taught independence & confidence along with a pretty funny approach to life’s trials.  Her mother also imbued a sensitive & intuitive nature in times of need as a genuinely healing trait. Sarah’s brother is older and supremely funny!  Most often, he is a strong presence that people stop & listen to. Sharing & learning from others in a most comedic way.  She describes her son as intensely inspiring, alive with passion!  He too has a keep-it-fun disposition, yet dives deep meeting the raw sensitivities within others.  Being the greatest gift of her life, she is honored to watch the man he is becoming.

Sarah worked under her business background & education for about 8 years, and then decided to pursue another degree, in SCI-ence!  “Something about that kid sized chemistry set I begged Santa for, GOT (hooray!) & experimented with at a young age called for my return.”  So, she worked in molecular biology for a decade & focused on genetic engineering of microorganisms for biochemical research.  “Such an amazing, organic expression of my path & purpose at that stage of my life.  In that time, I spent several years transforming my inner self.”  Then, she recognized her gift to support people going through profound transformation in their life.

Sarah feels honored to walk along with her clients on their journeys.  She noticed from childhood she had a great interest in this work.  “It was so beautiful to realize that an obscuring veil to BE in this service was lifted precisely on time, when I was truly able to see.  Call it Spirit, Universe, All that Is…. Or nothing at all; there is only one Truth, spoken many different ways & I offer a clarity to be on your path.”  She knows that language is only the medium.  And what matters is that she, you, anyone agrees to stay open to the quest.  Communication, in whatever form, is a key tool for beginning to understand and live fully.

Sarah has traveled quite a bit and enjoys the connections she made with herself to cultures in several other places across the globe.  These experiences taught her the value in every passing moment & fostered a belief that we each carry unique gifts within.  Her personal maturity has taught her, without question, that each one of us has the capacity to live with constant inner peace.  She is not all “pie-in-the-sky” though.  Moments are tough at times, especially when we lose connection.  Sarah respects all opinions & believes in continuous learning, even when it isn’t directly sought.  There is always something to gain.

She has clients -present & former- that would be glad to speak with you about her abilities to support you where you currently are.

For now, she boldly offers her confidence: to catalyze expansion of your innate great self, get that prize you desire, and experience Being:   Being of purposeful meaning, self-love, clarity, joy, inspiration & success from within that manifests outwardly in your life.

~ Present in Heaven, Sarah Rosedc-mc-certfication-logo-e1468279397742


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