4 Gems of Commitment

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All I have in this world are

my balls and my word,

and I don’t break them for anybody.

— Scarface

Over-extending yourself can include a lot of variables.  Some could be that you’re too nice of a guy, you want to impress others or prove to yourself that you can do it.  Still more reasons could be that you see someone has to do it and rather than see it neglected & fall apart…. You got it, you’re “it”.  How about over-committing of the kind where you grossly misunderstood the time requirements necessary to do a great job?  No, to do even a good job is gobbling up your time.  Or how about unexpected eye opening experience “on the job” that also contributes to overwhelm?

So what about it?  How will you proactively head off saying, “Yes” too soon again?  Some of this may seem elementary for the high success readers… BUT, there is blend here of … well… More than can be put into words.  An attempt is made here.

Before agreeing to a project, job or other commitment:

1) The first antidote to emotional, mental & physical burn out from committing yourself to one more thing is ensuring it is not unhealthy escapism.  Indeed, you can feel a temporary escape from other aspects of your life by staying so busy you do not have time to think of them, really be in them.  Do those ugly facets truly work themselves out like this?  If so, at what price?  Into what quality do they result?  Does more work (emotional, mental or physical) somehow sprout from these areas you attempted to escape?

2) After you’ve decided to keep the door open to the proposition, ask more & deeper questions about what is expected.  For example, when you are told it will take 10 hours a week.  Ask how that number is arrived at?  Is this an average?  Does this take into account a learner curve?  Then, ask another question or two for each answer to those.   It is essential to explore more details ahead of time to get the best idea of what you’re really getting into.

3) To further the intimacy with the reasoning behind your decision, get excited or lead by joy.  A high vibration like this must precede your, “Yes”.  Don’t bother with commitments that start off with only a “wilFor Blog - Over extended 1aling” feeling.  And certainly not anything lower than that!  Take the time (ask for it if needed) to check within for a score minimum of 1 or 2 steps higher than merely, “I feel good about it”.  Something like this:

Ask yourself, “On a scale of 0 – 7, with 3 being “good” & 7 being ‘Out of my skin excited to do this!’, where does this proposition fall?” Nothing less than a 4/ 5 will receive the privilege of your dedication.  This is again trying to measure that which is not measurable, but helps put things into perspective for the left-brainy.

4) Now that you have assessed the value of your buy in, use that energetic force wisely.  Channel your enthusiasm from the start. Sometimes we take on too much because of this accompanying eagerness. It’s fantastic that you are inspired in some way to take it on, maybe even amped.  Do not allow that to dissipate into the ether.  Like leaving the front door open with the heat on.  In what way can you best direct that gusto into effective action & achievement?   Where can you store it for release when things begin to drag?


Your time is valuable.  Perhaps more accurately valuable is the exchange of your energies.  Together this balance adds up to days you feel whole in, where your output is not higher than your input.  When you commit yourself to a project, task or activity that puts more into your heart and soul than you expend, you can easily say you life is being well lived!  Add to this a bonus.  Your reserves stay available for more… such as chaos calming, extending Love & inspired living.



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