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Oftentimes family or other close associations, even business relationships leave one scratching their head wondering, trying to understand! Many many  personal dynamics contain what has long been termed “drama”. And further, this is often fraught with tremendous pain, foolish exertion of “control” over situations (for example, keeping the grand-kids away from us) and more. Questions arise such as, “Why she is in so much pain? She is living the American dream like she always wanted. Maybe the lack of inner peace?”


But the greatest desire is to get to heart of why & how.

Surely the details of that person’s situation, views and ability to “see” what you think you see is to all be taken into account. (Notice & do not lose sight of what you “think you see”).

Straight to it is the “How”. Love. Love is the only path that will make any real and lasting difference. Love for yourself. Love for them. Love as the breath of every moment & action. Be careful not to allow your idea of what is “right” (ego) to cloak itself in Love. Genuine Loving intent is “the how”.

Next is the “Why”. Perhaps it can be succinctly defined as “lack of inner peace” as no amount of “achievement” or material success can fill you… consistently & over the long-term. That lack of consistency is what eventually grows into various forms of unhappiness from inner rage to a chronic underlying life of dissatisfaction.

Remember, when we look outside ourselves to keep us full, whether things, status, other people, it can never satisfy our heart. Maybe for a time, but one must have connection to self,, True connection to self (which is also connection to God/ Spirit/ Light). Yes, this is inner peace. “Know Thyself”. Maybe you know if this is what that means.

Regardless of which direction you apply it in relationships (me to them or them towards me), note that making another your source of happiness, to “make one happy” often becomes attempts to control them. Eventually it says, “I need you to be this way, or that way, so that I can be happy”. It’s a great part of why relationships fail. Needing freedom (free will) is at our core. Therefore conflict ensues. Hence, love with an open hand type of thing.

I heard something fantastic,

“We are so free, we can choose bondage.”

This can mean bondage to ideas that do not serve us or serve the greater good. Review what ideas you hold.

Now the longer & harder anyone turns away from that (blaming others, buying more things, remaining asleep/ ignoring the inner conflict, etc) it becomes more painful or simply stagnant/ dead inside. We are here to grow/ expand and strengthen connections to self, God & others.

The most fascinating part is that emotions tell you how out of alignment you are with your Higher Self/ what God wants for you/ Peace. The worse you feel, the further you are from what Higher Power knows to be right. Worried about money? God provides. Hurting that he left you? Forgetting you ARE worthy. Things like this.

Ultimately within interpersonal relationships it is likely to be a belief that, “If you will only do what I want, then I will be happy.” (Again, do not lose sight that this pertains to what you must apply for yourself as well as the view you will hold of them in your heart – despite what they do or do not do.)

We all suffer this affliction; the desire for others to be or do as we wish. Relief comes with awareness & acceptance. I think this is why religion is popular/ so helpful for so many. Because it’s our gift to choose to extend Love (action part) then, “Let go & Let God” idea (faith part).

Thank yourself for staying open. You are helping yourself & all involved to choose Love first.

Lastly, beware of labeling things right or wrong. It’s tough because asking what Love would do here often is the same as the “right” answer. So it seems confusing. But for another, it is part of their growth journey to see something “right” that is not the path of Love.

This goes back to focusing on the only real control we actually have, ourselves. Often frustrating & painful in these situations, but also part of YOUR growth journey. Ahhh (& haha, not funny!), this is to be alive! Growth would never happen without stretches past our comfort zone. You may choose to taste it as an amplification of the sweetness life does offer & clarity of what truly matters. This is life. Navigating the waters & finding our own consistent solid footing (peace, Love, gratitude, joy).

In this 2 minute video, you will see the topic varies only slightly yet carries on & on. You will see the genuine Love mentioned above and you will see that in the end, who is right is still obscure. And still does not matter. It’s a great reflection of even the most “adult” conflict when you break it down.


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