Master Paving the Present


It’s a good life.  Things are always happening.  In looking around during our days, the concept that we are creating our own manifested reality may seem solely applied to some “positive thinking” agenda or aiming it only at “goals”.

Also, people understand this on the surface level.  Again, the invitation is to move knowledge to wisdom… pause on that.  Because this fact is, So. Much. More. . .  than words!  It is everything.  It includes your very health, living situation, material possessions, level of freedom and the guy letting you merge into the traffic jam.  You created it.  Does this seem as far-fetched as leprechauns riding unicorns while enjoying rainbows for breakfast?

Yet, this is a simple Truth.  There’s more than 2017 million different ways to say it, explain it and get it.  And sure, that is part of the process, opening to those ways.  But, for now see that no New Year is needed, no big turning point or dramatic event.  Indeed these help.  Why not?  If it is useful to you, by all means use it for being the Being you want in this moment.  That is the only fragment of time where your power lies anyway.

Your flow will sometimes surge and other times trickle.  It’s okay to be easy about whatever you seek to achieve.  And it’s okay to plow ahead.  Harnessing downstream energy is not the only way to get what you want, but it sure feels a whole lot better and it works just as effectively.  That is, if you are not fighting it (paddling back upstream) with beliefs that contradict your desire and in particular, that supportive flow.  Because this next thought is so deeply engrained, it will only be seeded here for your choice to starve or nurture.  And this is that it mustn’t be hard.  It does not have to be hard.  (Now, it’s different if you fancy a challenge!)

Whatever the path, it is not a requirement that it be difficult. This is the snare binding us to where we are and also to not living a life full of joy, our natural state, given as a birthright.  If you don’t believe that, watch uninhibited children.  Very young children of course as they have not yet been indoctrinated.

Getting back on point here, consciousness could be considered the source of everything.  God is a fantastic word choice here.  See if you can discard limiting attachments to that word and expand your knowing of what God is to the All That Is described here.  Try to loosen your definitions, release the compartments that contain one idea from another to grow the whole.

Knowing every last element of your life right now is a result of your doing/ thinking/ believing at some previous time is a glorious thing!  We humans with our obsession to complicate and to analyze is terrific too.  And it often leads to fear, guilt and other “bad” qualities.  What if you also knew you cannot get it wrong?  Things work themselves out or something better is received.  The only thing that keeps that “wrong” decision wrong is that you continue to say so.  Look, just don’t get hung up on worrying about the power being in your hands to shape the details of your life.  Could this be called free will?  Surely that is another consideration.

How is it then that one can fully have and be what they desire?  Again, you are highly individual with your unique blend of emotions and convictions.  A great place to start and adhere is knowing you ARE worthy.  When you move through your days, watch your thoughts as you create forward the specific details.  Remember this message.  “I am worthy”.  When your reality is not reflecting what you intended, know it is all part of the journey and is likely to be a form of what you needed just not in the way you expected.  Practice letting go.  Because you are creating forward.  This can only be achieved with your imagination, not a recollection of a past.  Whether it is your desire or not, recalling the past in this dedicated way is still creating forward, just more of the same.

Much has been proposed here. And not forgetting science, keep in mind that all stated has been proven by quantum physics. (Except the God part. Or… That too?) It remains simple though, vigilantly watch those thoughts and dedicate to focus them on what you want.

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