3 & 3: Giving & Receiving in Lockstep



~~  You can make it all true
And you can make it undo ~~

Cat Stevens little ditty meets you when feeling at that intermediate….

You may have noticed these posts are frequently about living your highest potential possible for today.  Not what you “could have” and certainly some of what “you will”, but mostly what “you are” right now.  Even if intermediate. 

And let’s not dismiss that things are awesome too!  Owning the new Cadillac CT6 or recently installed plush new carpet have their special flavor of joy.  These weekly contemplations though are addressing the spaces between all of those “accomplishments”.  Because, that is where the vast majority of “being” in our living experience ARE.

So without further ado, let’s get on with a few thoughts to consider.  Today’s topic is on giving & receiving:


  1. Be authentic & vulnerable. We all have flaws. You do not have to apologize for yourself. Giving of your true self never leaves the other scratching their head like those times when we initially present a different image. Think about when someone you thought you knew took off their mask after you invested.
  2. Connection.  a) Seek to be genuinely interested in someone, not only what you want them to share. b) Give a smile. Even if they don’t smile back, chances are, they will smile at the next person they see. Mission accomplished.  The very ACT of smiling, that is, just putting a smile on your face generates warm-fuzzy chemicals. Try it now.
  3. Give freedom & give without expectation. It can be hard to give without expecting something in return. A) But it is selfless giving that grows your heart permanently, not fleetingly. Also, turn this around; what are the chances you would avoid receiving with the expectation that you must return something? B) Stop for a few seconds and think of a clear example of how you might “give freedom” to another.


  1. In today’s society, we promote autonomy at the expense of feeling guilty for receiving support. Allow yourself to be supported. Friends or family are a start. Participate in support groups for reciprocal, group interaction. Or hire a coach to focus just on you. Friends, family, groups all have a give/ receive cycle. Coaching provides receiving precisely what YOU need. It also is a space/ place absent of judgment where a kind of unmatched self-empowerment is garnered.  It is giving to yourself that regular, consistent time to break free.
  2. Ask for what you need. Talking in circles or dishing out clues often doesn’t get you far. Be specific about what you want.  Be sure to include relevant details so it comes to you.  For example, say where you want it from, how much, by when and so on.  If you do not receive it, let that not be because you didn’t ask.  You don’t need anyone’s permission to make this decision.  Ask for what you need.
  3. Often when you accept (a gift for example), the other person becomes more invested in you, growing a sense of your worth to them. Or that person feels good about her/himself and you are the one facilitating that. You deserve great treatment too. Deliberately make yourself aware of how you feel when you receive.  And discard outdated junk beliefs.

 for-blog-giving-receiving-2If you desire to put some zest in your step, do the following over the next week:  Find the 24 or so words above  that are in BOLD. Copy & paste to a notepad or wherever will work for you (maybe w/ your notifications/ reminders).  If you’re old school, jot them down & tape to a spot you are sure to see.  And do one each day.  There are 6.  It’s not so hard to accomplish this mini-challenge.

Yet, this is precisely what is discussed in a related post, “Excuse Me, Higher Version?!”  There is great treasure to be discovered…. satisfaction/ joy “levels“ of life experience you have (or not) based on whether you decide to apply the specific methods of elevated living being offered right before you.  Invitations come in many forms.

Gift yourself.


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