Excuse Me, Higher Version?


“How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Godin

Who really takes this stuff serious?! Many still think this or at least part of the time. Before you hang up, see the mindset that asks. When you do feel great, it’s a whole different approach. And more accurately asked, “Why believe there’s a treasure-trove offered by this ‘p-e-r-s-o-nal growth’ explosion to take serious?”

What is it about? And why every day are you being offered a ray of sunshine? There is value in holding ideal views. And honestly, it’s not about your luck buddy.   That’s a cop out and the longer you decide luck has anything to do with anything… the longer you are floating aimlessly upon the waters, at the whim of your accumulated and highly varied beliefs.  Whether you reach a shore of your desire or capsize beneath overpowering waves seems to be in large part, luck of the draw.

What this means is, at times we believe in good results for ourselves and at other times, we think we must admit that crap happens. That’s the mixed bag that results in that mixed experience. The “fix” here is that it’s all good results. And that discussion is for another time.

The invitation here is to APPLY!!  That is apply whatever personal growth concepts come your way. Look to some current circumstance you are in and take an action or change a mindset about it. That’s the only way. Dismissal of such presented notions will leave you without benefit and clueless why so many rave over “self helpers “ like Steve Harvey, Dave Ramsey, Gabrielle Bernstein, Joel Osteen & countless others.

This is broad because of the uniqueness of each person, where each person is right now, what they are ready to try and if they actually do it. So that means attempts to convince are as useless as an electric shaver without power. When a man really chooses to accept a higher version for his experience, only then it becomes.

Importantly, connect with something “a” level higher, not 20 floors up. Not even 5 floors up. Whatever the situation, reach for the next better degree of it so as to keep it realistic. This is key and will build fast when you really apply the concept.

Summarizing: Take whatever personal improvement/ empowerment/ mindset alternative/ success step comes your way today and employ it with the sincerity you would offer your most beloved. And what you can dismiss is that it has to be “hard”. Bull. That belief is a common barrier (translated into emotion – more than “a thought” –  translated into keeping the same habits).

The benefits of “a higher version” of yourself can be promised, but cannot be explained for you, for it is specific to you. The people who are participating, opening their comfort zones to include what it takes to live their lives to the fullest are not doing so because it is a fad. They have either decided to own their worthiness and/ or now know the delicious taste of why we are really here. People are shifting into a new standard. If you still gravitate toward the tragic and unjust, would you agree it’s time? If so, start with the only one you can have any direct & immediate effect upon. Honestly, you do it at times anyway, in certain areas of your life. So, it is not like a new skill, it’s a new application of your free will.

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