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Do you ever get the sense that you are a fine candidate for super hero training? We’re not talking about the kind of heroes that keep our freedom safe or that literally run into burning buildings. While these people are not the focus here, they are of course included.

What more do you find yourself accomplishing when you thought you were completely tapped out? What is the most common mission that drives you? When have you felt you could much easier give up than carry on? What keeps you going? How worth it is it?

It seems a lot of folks are in this boat. And is it necessary? Ah, the world is full of varied personalities, differences of temperaments including high energy types, the race horses and those where the kinetics of a turtle still win the race. Where do you fit into that spectrum and are you pleased by it?

Surely there is your own special magic to get the deal sealed or to put your baby nephew to sleep even when his own mother cannot. Perhaps it’s handling your scheduling like a champ maximizing 4 hours like a king. Maybe you know how to weave gently and safely through traffic with ease or know just the right look to give your lover.

If you really look, super hero training could possibly be modeled after a week in your shoes. So identify these skills and unique talents to celebrate 10 full moments of being exactly who you are.

One more thing…. The super hero in me is asking the super hero in you to pass this on. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t need reminding once in a while?

No. One more thing: This video. The point is in the beginning! Not the end 🙂

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