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Landing consistent appreciation and affection of a worthwhile woman involves getting clear & raising your own attraction energy. This includes your projection of self. And this doesn’t always mean, “Go out there and act happy!” No. Authenticity is far more important. And at the same time, feeling great yourself makes a ton of difference. People are unique so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

While we want to bring a Lover who desires and respects us into our life, it’s all too common that the real work for that to happen is neglected (mostly inner-work). How often does something you really want fall into your lap without some genuine attention to it? Let’s look at some quality attention you can give.

Be sure to enjoy the video at the end. It’s a pretty damn funny throw-back, but first let’s take serious these 9 Facets of a Winning Mindset for dating today:

1) I will adopt a new outlook on dating. By God, my attitude is powerful. I understand that just as I am a terrific partner, I also understand there are other great catches out there too. If we’re both ready, we are looking for each other.

2) I will have fun on my dates! Being kind, listening deeply and seeing this moment fresh will give us both a nice experience, keeping us flowing in the right direction. If nothing else, I will not lose sight of having fun.

3) I will engage more with everyone. Yes, I’m available and looking for Love. But I understand smiling and participating casually with all others reminds me of my value and makes me feel great about life. I want to attract a partner when I feel like this.

4) I will allow myself to date a broader range of “types”. I trust the universe to surprise and delight me. I am open to learning more about who can float my boat.

5) I will get clear on what kind of relationship I am looking for. I will behave in ways consistent with that choice. Do I seek: simply a companion to do things with, a no-strings-attached sexual adventure, a spouse or something else?

6) Dating is part of securing high value in my life. Instead of feeling discouraged when a date doesn’t work out, I will appreciate that a commitment to a mismatch did not take our precious time. And I will be thankful in advance for the wonderful woman about to enter my life.

7) I will maintain a “beginner’s mind” by having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions. Despite advanced experience, I will take in the lady in front of me just as a beginner on the subject would.

Dive deeper into this one for REAL benefit! Here’s an example of what this means: She tells you she’s a high school teacher and was married for 8 years. She also does not like yard work. The most common thing we do is fill ina ton information that is not there (& along with it, our feelings about those ideas). These thoughts might be, “hmmm… teachers don’t make a lot of money,,, that’s tough, hormonal teenagers all day..” and “8 years.. yeah, I was married 16 so she’s got half the experience of that… doesn’t like yard work, gosh, I Love nature.”  She may Love nature too. But, when we keep a beginner’s mind, we avoid other “filling in” later like associations made from our initial assumptions. This creates a huge source of misunderstandings.

With beginner’s mind, you hear the facts. You know what a teacher does. You take yard work at face value, not including all of nature. And mostly, you then naturally stay curious! These are generic examples. Try it in your life, with anyone and see immediate positive results. To recap, keep the majority of your focus on their intended message, not your associations of it.

8) I will wear my worth as permanently as tattoos. No matter what I think about myself on the worst of days, I still deserve the best. And I will insist on projecting this to attract a woman that will appreciate me.

9) I will adhere to a dating schedule because it is as important as all other aspects of my life. I will set aside 6 – 8 dating days a month such as 2 date nights a week. I will make finding Love a priority.

Gift yourself.


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